Guidelines for a Safe & Enjoyable Motor Coach Ride

Important Guidelines

For a Safe & Enjoyable Motor Coach Ride

We‘re proud of the motor coaches we use on our field trips! They are the safest on the road. We need your support to keep them functioning well and remaining clean and comfortable. Please ask students and adults to adhere to the following:

  • Safety first! Students are not permitted to sit in the front seats. Everyone should remain seated at all times while the motor coach is moving (unless accessing the onboard bathroom). Keep in mind that students often want to explore the amenities on the motor coach, especially the bathroom; please use the bathroom facility only as truly necessary. (Remember, what goes in the bathroom stays in the bathroom the entire trip!!!)

  • While traveling in the dark, please exercise caution when using lighted electronics and flash photography. Internal lights reflecting on the windows can create a hazard for the driver’s visibility and responsiveness.


  • Remind students not to stand on the seats, sit on the armrests, or use seating for foot cushions. Please refrain from repeatedly “clicking” the footrests as well.

  • Please use the window shades with caution and only as absolutely necessary. These are equipped with a spring-snap return mechanism and can easily be damaged.

  • Do not disconnect or attempt to rewire any audio/visual equipment, electrical devices or charging ports on the motor coach. Ear phones/private listening devices are highly recommended for everyone’s comfort.

  • Please restrict onboard drinks (including coffee) and snacks to leak-proof, resealable containers. Gum is strictly prohibited, along with chocolate, dairy products, peanuts, or items that readily melt. Trash bags are available on every motor coach; please use these. Students and adults will be responsible for cleaning up any of their own spills per guidelines provided.

  • To optimize student safety, organization, and appropriate conduct, The Travel Store recommends that a school employee/teacher rides aboard each and every coach and that the lead teacher travels on Coach #1.

Questions? We look forward to an enjoyable and pleasant field trip aboard these vehicles! THANK YOU!