About The Travel Store

Our Story

Since 1993, it has been our privilege to fulfill the student travel needs of teachers throughout the North Georgia area.  We do far more than just provide transportation.  As a local company, The Travel Store is immediately accessible to meet all your field trip requirements.  Additionally, your student groups will be accompanied throughout the trip by at least one Travel Store Travel Coordinator to ensure that every aspect of your trip goes according to plan.

The Travel Store offers comprehensive educational and travel services to student groups including:

  • Educational and Georgia Standards of Excellence Objectives - As part of our initial planning process, we will provide you with a description of the Georgia Standards of Excellence to which your field trip correlates.  Where applicable, your group will receive a package of curriculum-based materials prior to your field trip to assist you in preparing your students for the field trip experience.
  • Travel Coordinators -The members of our team who accompany your field trip throughout are well educated, seasoned professionals from a wide variety of fields who share one thing in common; they enjoy traveling with student groups.
  • Motor coaches -Your group will travel in comfort and style on late model coaches staffed by experienced, knowledgeable, student-friendly drivers. All coaches are equipped with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi.  The prices shown herein always include motor coaches.
  • Restaurants - We know that children (and big people too!) travel healthier and happier when they eat well. Most overnight trips provide full hot breakfasts. Lunch and dinner menus are designed to be nutritious and well balanced. 
  • Hotels - We only employ well situated, conveniently located hotels with interior corridors and coordinate room assignments to minimize check-in time.  We make every effort to insure that your rooms are assigned to allow you the best possible supervision of your students. Premise security is always provided at all hotels.
  • Itineraries -We encourage you to choose which venues best serve your educational objectives.  Of course, we are happy to advise you based on our experience.  We handle all advance scheduling of dates, sites, meals and times.
  • Organizational and parent orientation meetings - We will gladly attend such meetings as you deem necessary.
  • We offer liberal deposit and payment policies.
  • $4,000,000 comprehensive insurance policy covers all of our trips. Additionally, all of our Travel Coordinators are covered by our Georgia Workmen’s Compensation Policy.

In this website you will find a brief summary of the most popular scholastic field trips being offered by The Travel Store.  Each of these field trips is designed to take maximum advantage of the time allotted for your field trip while minimizing your costs.  Of course, if you are interested in taking your students to a location not described herein, we would welcome the opportunity to design a trip for you.

Please call on The Travel Store to plan your field trips during the upcoming school year.

Thank you,
Kathy Freund
Owner and General Manager