Field Trip Guidelines for Overnight Trips

Please review the following guidelines for students and chaperones attending the upcoming field trip with The Travel Store. Clear communication of these expectations will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. (Also review the specific sheet “Important Guidelines for a Safe & Enjoyable Motor Coach Ride” enclosed in your Education Packet.)

  • Students must remain with chaperones and their groups at all times and follow rooming, seating, dining, line-up, assembly, or sub-grouping assignments as necessary.

  • Students should always respond cooperatively and promptly to directions given by teachers, Travel Coordinators, chaperones, hotel administrators/security officers, or tour guides.

  • Chaperones should remain constantly alert to their student groups at all times and avoid personal errands, coffee breaks, or extended cell phone conversations.

  • Students must not litter or deface any site or property that is visited on the trip.

  • It is the students’ sole responsibility to keep up with their money and personal property.

  • Review school guidelines for dress codes, weather-related items, hazardous items, and electronics. Drinks/snacks should be in resealable containers. Chocolate, gum, dairy or peanut products are not allowed. Please place appropriate snacks in your backpack, and follow all trash disposal guidelines provided.

Below are a few “intangibles” to bring along as well.

TAKE-IT-ALL-IN STAMINA: Traveling is a constant learning experience. We take in a lot of history, culture, and/or science on each trip because we want students to see and do as much as possible. Although it may be tempting to take a break or opt out of an activity, we encourage everyone to remain actively involved. Take advantage of all the experiences the day has to offer!

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Traveling often requires flexibility and patience. A road may suddenly close or the weather may take an expected turn. Come prepared—ready and willing to adapt as needed.

RESPECT: After ensuring personal safety, maintaining respect is key to a pleasant trip. Remember that you are a guest at your destination. Demonstrate respect for yourself, your leaders/coordinators, guides, and the local culture.

Airplane Travel?

Review packing information at these and similar websites:

TSA: Liquids Rule

USA TODAY: Packing For Airline Travel

TSA Carry-on Rules

Also check your airline-specific website for policies and guidelines for air travel and packing.

Does your trip include travel to Cumberland Island, Georgia? An additional list of recommendations will be enclosed in your Education Packet.


Recommended: One small, personal carry-on bag and one large piece of luggage


  • Glasses/sunglasses/contact lens cases as needed for easy access.
  • Spending money secured in a wallet or small purse/vending machine money (change) if access allowed; a recommended total amount is no more than $30-$50.
  • Light rain gear or travel umbrella/poncho; sweater or sweatshirt; wind/waterproof jacket.
  • Healthy snacks and drinks (must be resealing or have screw-top lid; no gum, no chocolate or sticky candies, no dairy/peanuts, no canned carbonated drinks). Individual dietary restrictions must be provided well in advance to trip venues serving meals; teachers should convey this info to The Travel Store. Label water bottle with name; water is the preferred take-along beverage. Follow school policy on energy drinks and highly caffeinated drinks
  • Electronic devices as permitted (MUST include headphones; extra batteries, charging devices); do not bring gaming systems to attach to hotel TVs; follow teacher guidelines on use of laptops. All such personal electronics brought on the trip remain the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Cell phones to be used per guidelines established by teachers.
  • Books, magazines, small games.
  • Medications & instructions/permission forms as school requires—follow policy established by teachers for safe storage, access, and administration; medications must be in original container, clearly labeled.Grooming items and personal hygiene items; hair bands or tie-backs
  • Hats or visors, as allowed exceptions to school dress codes within reasonable and appropriate use.
  • Small pillow/rolled towel and small light lap blanket for bus ride.
  • Pocket-sized hand sanitizer.
  • Journal or notebook, assignments, and writing implements if required.

LUGGAGE (labeled with name); see airlines/TSA website recommendations as necessary

Do not overpack! Also refer to school dress codes. A common error is to take too many clothes and unnecessary toiletries. Each student MUST be able to carry his/her own luggage. Usually one suitcase and one carry-on bag is sufficient. Remember to use resealing Ziploc-style bags to hold items that could leak.

  • Layered clothing (for weather & temperature adjustments) that is per school dress-code regulations (Suggestions: 3 casual shirts, 2 pairs of pants/jeans/shorts, light jacket); Note: Denim is heavy if wet!
  • Comfortable walking/hiking shoes, sneakers, or other close-toed shoes; no flip-flops! Save them for the beach. Also, give careful consideration to dress shoes that may be needed for formal sites. There is often a great deal of walking on uneven street surfaces to access venues.
  • Sleepwear (must be modest); no sleeping bags, bulky pillows, comforters, quilts, or large stuffed animals
  • Change of underwear and socks/day
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo and soap (may be provided at hotel); deodorant
  • Lotions or creams necessary for pre-existing conditions
  • BEACH TRIP on your itinerary? Bring lip balm and sunscreen at least SPF 15 (follow teacher directions on application with non-aerosol products preferred); insect repellent (non-aerosol); beach towel ; water shoes or waterproof sandals; extra Ziploc bags or plastic grocery bags as needed for wet clothing
  • Small flashlight
  • Spare glasses or contact lenses
  • Follow school policy regarding knives, lighters, markers, and other hazardous items.
  • Minimal jewelry –only non-valuable items

PLEASE NOTE THIS REMINDER FOR YOUR HOTEL STAY: Courteous and responsible behavior should be maintained in the hotel at all times. Running and loud noise as well as in-room “gymnastics” will not be permitted. Room service, pay TV, video game hook-ups, long-distance phone calls, plus any other charges are not allowed. Safety guidelines will be in place as announced by teachers. Students may not leave hotel rooms unaccompanied by a chaperone. Security guards will intercede as necessary. Any damages to hotel rooms/property will be the sole financial and behavioral consequence for the student.