Field Trip Guidelines For Day Trips

Please review the following guidelines for students and chaperones attending the upcoming field trip with The Travel Store. Clear communication of these expectations will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. (Also review the specific sheet “Important Guidelines for a Safe & Enjoyable Motor Coach Ride” enclosed in your Education Packet.)

  • Students must remain with chaperones and their groups at all times and follow seating, dining, line-up, or sub-grouping assignments as necessary.

  • Students should always respond cooperatively and promptly to directions given by any teacher, Travel Coordinator, chaperone, or tour guide.

  • Chaperones should be alert to their student groups at all times and avoid personal errands, coffee breaks, or extended cell phone conversations.

  • Students must not litter or deface any site or property that is visited on the trip.

  • It is the students’ sole responsibility to keep up with their money/personal property during the trip. Small backpacks are handy! Teachers may determine the appropriate use of electronics on the trip.

  • Review school guidelines regarding dress codes, weather-related items, hazardous items, and electronics. Drinks/snacks should be in resealable containers. Chocolate, gum, dairy or peanut products are not allowed. Please place appropriate snacks in your backpack, and follow all trash disposal guidelines provided.

Below are a few “intangibles” to bring along as well.

TAKE-IT-ALL-IN STAMINA: Traveling is a constant learning experience. We take in a lot of history, culture, and/or science on each trip because we want students to see and do as much as possible. Although it may be tempting to take a break or opt out of an activity, we encourage everyone to remain actively involved. Take advantage of all the experiences the day has to offer!

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Traveling often requires flexibility and patience. A road may suddenly close or the weather may take an expected turn. Come prepared—ready and willing to adapt as needed.

RESPECT: After ensuring personal safety, maintaining respect is key to a pleasant trip. Remember that you are a guest at your destination. Demonstrate respect for yourself, your leaders/coordinators, guides, and the local culture.